Peter Sserwanga Hosts Cape Town Holi-One Festival of Colour

So earlier this year (2 March 2013) I had the privilege of MCing the sickest party Cape Town CBD has seen this year. The first ever Cape Town HOLI-ONE Festival of Color.
What a freaking blast this was!
It has to have been the most filmed festival I have ever been to. Almost everyone had some sort of video camera, which was a bit of a risk since powder was flying EVERYWHERE.

If you don’t know what the festival is all about …I suggest you Google it.
If you have no idea what its like…well..

Peter Sserwanga Hosting the Holi-One Festival Of Color

Every hour on the hour we have a count down, and then all the participants throw their colors in the are…its fucking beautiful.
you can throw powder any other time too.
The music doesn’t stop, its mostly electronic with a touch of world music. its basically one LONG party.

There are a couple videos on the web on the Cape Town event. Here are some of my favorite and some pictures.


Peter Sserwanga M.C
Peter Sserwanga M.C


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